Non-Profit Fundraising

   The following is a brief explanation on how Sip While You Paint LLC., (SWYP) can help your non-profit organization raise money with very little effort from you.  Here's how it works.

    Once you choose a time, and location, the only other thing you need to do is to choose a painting, and have someone in your organization sign people up, and collect money. We will also help you advertise your Fundraiser.

    On the day and time of your event, SWYP will bring to your location, all the supplies needed to have a fun filled Paint Party.  If needed, we can also help you advertise your event.

    SWYP offers special pricing to non-profit organization for the purpose of fundraising.  We will lower our prices from $40 per person, to $25 per person, which will allow your organization to earn $15 per person.  If you believe you can charge more then $40 per person and still get participants, SWYP would still only ask for the $25 per person.  You set the price per person for your fundraiser.


For example:  If you sign-up 30 people at $40 per person, your organization would earn $15 per person for a total earnings of $450.  Not bad for just signing people up and collecting money.

    Once you, and SWYP agree on all the details for your event, SWYP will draw up a Contract Agreement.  This is to ensure both parties are on the same page, and that we have a full understanding of our respective responsibilities.

     Thank you for considering Sip While You Paint for your fundraising event.  We look forward in helping your organization raise money.

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